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        Bafeorii Chemical - focusing on special chemicals and providing
        professional services for personal care industry.  
        Since 2000, the predecessor of Bafeorii Chemical has been engaged in R&D, production and sale of special chemicals used for personal care products  
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        Bafeorii Chemical is not only a manufacturer supplying the full range of amino acid surfactants
        Product Center
        Features and Application: Containing a variety of amino acids, mild and low irritation. It can promote the adsorption ba....
        Features and Application: Hexagonal diamond liquid crystal thickener / liquid crystal suspension stabilizer. With the am....
        Features and Application: Sourced from natural amino acids, especially suitable for amino acid transparent soap with cry....
        Features and Application: Easy to paste and thicken; with large of pearly-luster, especially suitable for the preparatio....
        Features and Application: Excellent moisturizing effect. It can significantly soften the stratum corneum and increase sk....
        Features and Application:Excellent foaming performance, very mild, low salt, easy to rinse, easy to thicken; suitable fo....
        Technical support
        Bafeorii Chemical - not only a manufacturer for the full range of amino acid surfactants  
        but also a provider for the comprehensive application solutions of amino acid surfactants.  
        Amino acid surfactant is difficult to form stable paste, we can provide superior amino acid pasty facial cleanser
        The 11th Personal Care and Homecare Ingredients (PCHi) Exhibition will be held in World expo Exhibit....
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